Jan Van den Bussche

Some photos of me
Professor, Universiteit Hasselt, databases & theoretical computer science group

Office Address: Universiteit Hasselt, Agoralaan building D, 3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium

Mailing Address: Universiteit Hasselt, Martelarenlaan 42, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium

Office: D250b, Tel: +32-11-268226, Fax: +32-11-268299

E-mail: jan.vandenbussche@uhasselt.be

You can see a list of my publications with many of them online. My general area of research is the theoretical foundations of data management (databasetheory.org).

Slides of some of my talks may be online...

Check out my papers on DNA computing! Here is a great cartoon on DNA computers. There is a good popular science introduction to Natural Computing.

My doctoral advisor was Jan Paredaens. My own doctoral students are Dimitri Surinx; Jelle Hellings (co-advised with Marc Gyssens); Jonny Daenen (co-advised with Frank Neven); Bart Bogaerts (co-advised with Marc Denecker and Joost Vennekens); Tom Ameloot (PhD obtained in June 2013); Joris Gillis (May 2013); Natalia Kwasnikowska (June 2011); Dirk Leinders (April 2008); Stefan Raeymaekers (co-advised with Maurice Bruynooghe, January 2008); Eveline Hoekx (December 2007); Stijn Vansummeren (2005); Raymondus Kosala (co-advised with Maurice Bruynooghe, June 2003); Bart Goethals (2002); Floris Geerts (2001); Frank Neven (1999).

I will serve as General Chair for the PODS 2017 and 2018 conferences.

From 2001 until March 2011 I served as chair of the ICDT Council. The current chair is Thomas Schwentick.

Conversations at scientific meetings...

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