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Geert Jan Bex

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Current activities

I'm now working as an HPC (High Performance Computing) analist and consultant, 80 % at the KULeuven, 20 % at Hasselt University. Both universities take part in the VSC (Vlaams Supercomputing Centrum) initiative.

Past activities

From January 2008 till November 2008 I worked as a post-doctoral researcher in the Theoretical Computer Science Group, at Hasselt University, focussing mainly on inference of XML schemas as part of the FP7 FoX Project". I also collaborated with Natalie Beenaerts on bioinformatics problems related to molecular phylogenetics.

In December 2008, I received a PhD. in Computer Science from Hasselt University. The topic of this dissertation is XML schema inference.

From February 2003 till December 2008 I worked as a PhD. researcher in the Theoretical Computer Science Group at Hasselt University. Research topics of interest were

The former research was conducted under Frank Neven's supervision. In the context of the latter I've been Ph.D. co-advisor to Goele Hollanders, who successfully defended her PhD. in September 2009.

Apart from research I've also been teaching courses on

I co-supervise(d) students writing M.Sc. dissertations on 'a library for graph theory', 'inference of regular expressions using machine learning techniques', 'extensions to schema languages for XML' and 'opinion mining'. Some of the B.Sc. projects I supervise(d) focus on 'support vector machines for text classification', 'parsing of regular languages using various approaches' and 'pattern matching extensions to Java'. Furthermore, I supervise(d) exercise sessions for courses on 'algorithms and data structures' and 'theoretical computer science'.

From February 2000 till February 2003 I worked as a knowledge engineer for Aktor-KT, an R&D company developing decision support systems for businesses of The Thomson Corporation. I mainly focused on applications of computational linguistics and machine learning. This was great fun!

Between 1996 and 2000 I spent most of my time on a variety of fairly prosaic matters such as developing educational software and web applications, UNIX and Windows NT system administration as well as IT staff management. However, some time was left over for research in physics as well as computer science. Furthermore, I used the opportunity to hone my Mathematica, C, Java and Perl programming skills.

In 1996, after almost six years of research, I received my Ph.D. in physics from the Limburgs Universitair Centrum, recently renamed to Hasselt University. The topic of the dissertation was the storage and generalization properties of a class of neural networks, using a statistical physics approach. Apart from research, a fair amount of time was spent supervising exercise sessions on a broad range of topics such as 'classical mechanics', 'thermodynamics', 'analytical mechanics', 'mathematical physics' and 'quantum physics'.

After graduating in 1989 as M.Sc. in physics (dissertation on plasma physics) I spent a year in a laboratory for materials science at the Limburgs Universitair Centrum doing research on physical vapor deposition and crystal formation. During that time I also developed a finite element analysis program to optimize the heat transfer in convectors, a research project with an industrial partner.

Personal interests

A few things I like to spend time on:

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