Time table

Thursday, October 13
18.00 Ceremonial opening
Opening in the Gothic City Hall, Grand Place, Brussels.
Welcome by the city authorities.
Opening speeches by prof. Willem Betz, chairman of Skepp, and Amardeo Sarma, chairman of ECSO.
Friday, October 14
9.00-9.40 Marie Prins (The Netherlands)
Herbal fraud in the Netherlands: Libidfit
9.40-10.20 Li Sheng-Xian (Chinese Medicine Association - China)
Will China see a third Qigong craze?
10.20-10.40 Coffee
10.40-11.20 James E. Alcock (York University - Canada)
The appeal of alternative medicine
11.20-12.00 Cees Renckens (Westfries Gasthuis - The Netherlands)
On the policy of some Dutch medical-scientific societies towards their members, practicing alternative medicine: reproachable negligence
12.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-14.40 Frits Van Dam (Universiteit van Amsterdam - The Netherlands)
Fluctuations in the use of alternative cancer therapies through the years, the influence of mass media
14.40-15.20 Willem Betz (VUB Univ. Brussels - Belgium)
The WHO and homeopathy
15.20-15.40 Coffee
15.40-16.20 Barry Beyerstein (Simon Fraser University - Canada)
Errors of perception and reasoning that make bogus therapies seem to work
16.20-17.00 Michael Heap (Univ. Sheffield - UK)
Let's wave goodbye to the unconscious mind
17.00-17.30 General discussion: pseudoscience and the media
20.00 Skeptic walk
Saturday, October 15
9.00-9.40 Christopher French (Goldsmiths College - UK)
The "Haunt" Project: Can we build a "haunted" room?
9.40-10.20 Jean-Paul Van Bendegem (VUB Univ. Brussels - Belgium)
2 + 2 = 4, or whatever you want
10.20-10.40 Coffee
10.40-11.20 Dirk Volckaerts (Journalist - Belgium)
On Ethics and Credibility in Newspaper Journalism
11.20-12.00 Luis Alfonso Gámez (Journalist - Spain)
Paranormal in the Press. A skeptical point of information for millions of readers
12.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-14.40 Hans van Maanen (Journalist and author - The Netherlands)
Sex and science
14.40-15.20 Krissy Wilson (Goldsmiths College - UK)
Striking a happy medium (or why some people would like to punch self-satisfied TV psychics!)
15.20-15.40 Coffee
15.40-17.00 Jean Bricmont (UCL Univ. Louvain - Belgium)
From the Sokal affair to the Teissier affair
17.00-17.30 General discussion: pseudoscience and the media
19.30 Skeptic dinner
Sunday, October 16
9.00-9.40 Jean-Michel Abrassart (Belgium)
to be announced
9.40-10.20 Fadel Niang (Ecole Supérieure Polytehcnique - Senegal)
to be announced
10.20-10.40 Coffee
10.40-13.00 Rupert Sheldrake
Lecture about telepathy, followed by debate
13.00 Closure of the congress