New on the site

October 11
Added Nick Trachet's CV.
September 26
Added Willem Betz' CV and the abstract of his talk.
September 19
A time table has been added.
August 30
Early bird registration has been extended till September 15.
August 23
A list of hotels has been added.
The skeptical walk and the banquet have been added to the program.
August 18
Added abstract of Jean-Paul Van Bendegem's talk as well as his bio.
August 10
Added Micheal Heap's CV.
Added as email address for obtaining information on ESC2005.
August 5
Added the abstract of Cristopher Heap's talk.
Corrected Richard Monvoisin's CV.
August 4
Schedule changed: Richard Monvoisin will speak on Saturday, rather than Sunday.
August 2
Added picture of Christopher French.
Added speaker Richard Monvoisin to the programme.
Added speaker Fadal Niang to the programme.
Change introductory text to that of the folder.
Added the cerimonial opening to the programme.
Added CSICOP as sponsoring organization.
July 27
Guest speaker Rupert Sheldrake: "On telepatny" + debate.
July 25
Added Jean-Michel Abrassart's bio.
July 20
Added online registration form.
July 16
Added Sheng-Xian Li'sbio.
July 14
Added Frits van Dam's bio.
Contact information for Hotel Atlas has been added.
July 13
The website's design has been made more Microsoft Internet Explorer friendly
July 12
Corrected registration fees and payment information
Added guided skeptic walk info