Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist who lives in London. He is the author of more than 75 scientific papers and ten books. He has appeared in many TV programs in Britain and overseas.
Some of his controversial books are:

In his recent book The Sense of being stared at, he claims to have scientific proof that many people do have an unexplained ability to detect stares.

Skeptics say that the feeling of being stared at, or the dog knowing when the owner is coming home, are just illusions or bad science. Sheldrake does not agree and thinks he has a strong case in favour of those claimed phenomena. For him, to accept the existence of psi would not involve the abandonment of science and reason, it would extend the scope of science and of evolutionary understanding.
He says he is a skeptic, but of a different kind.

His opponent in the debate will be Dr. Jan Willem Nienhuys, formerly from the University of Eindhoven.
Moderator is Prof Johan Braeckman, who teaches philosophy of science at the Ghent University.