on the occasion of Jan Paredaens's 60th birthday

Antwerpen, Friday 21 September 2007

Liber Amicorum

We have edited a book, containing some of the scientific papers presented at the symposium, but also additional papers written by scientific friends of Jan especially for the occasion. Also included is an interview with Jan.

Download the Liber Amicorum for Jan Paredaens!


Thanks to Paul De Bra for making the last three photos available. Paul De Bra has taken more photos, and also Marc Gemis has taken a gazillion photos. Thanks Marc!


10:00 Opening
Dirk Van Gucht (Indiana U): The influence of the nested relational data model
10:50 Dan Suciu (U Washington): Orderings on annotated complex objects
11:35 Break
12:00 Bernhard Thalheim (U Kiel): Pearls of modelling: from relational databases to XML suites
12:45 Break
13:45 Pictures will be made: Jan with all his "children"; with all his "descendants"; with all his co-authors; also a group picture; and other pictures if desired.
14:00 Kees van Hee (TU Eindhoven): The role of graphs in computer science
14:40 Maarten Marx (U Amsterdam), Jan Hidders (U Antwerpen): Axioms, Rules and Operators
15:20 Break
15:45 George Fletcher (Washington State U): Completeness of database query languages
16:05 Stijn Dekeyser (U Southern Queensland): De gustibus et coloribus
16:30 Break


17:00 Bart Goethals (U Antwerpen): Mining Jan Paredaens's social network
17:20 Gabriel Kuper (U Trento): Euclidean geometry and constraints
17:30 Serge Abiteboul (INRIA): Amitiés de Paris (video presentation)
17:40 Stand-Up Session. Participants are invited to stand up and share anecdotes or other reminiscenses related to Jan Paredaens.
17:45 Jan Paredaens: About Research, Genealogy, Gastronomy and Life
18:15 Reception


An interactive map is available: (click on the image)

The symposium will take place in Antwerpen, Belgium, at the University of Antwerp, campus Middelheim, building G "Wiskunde-Informatica". (Street address: Middelheimlaan 1, 2020 Antwerpen.)


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