Frank Neven

Hasselt University
Data Science Institute
Database and theoretical computer science research group

Address: Hasselt University, Agoralaan, B–3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium

Office: D255
Tel: +32-(0)11–268217
Fax: +32-(0)11–268299


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My main area of research is that of data wrangling and management. Currently, I am mostly interested in data management and query evaluation in a distributed context, concurrency control, and data cleaning. In the past, I worked on datamining in bioinformatics, XML schema inference, and logic in databases. Most of my publications can be found on DBLP, Google Scholar or DSPACE. Some papers can be found on PubMed.

List of recent papers: (see DBLP for a more up-to-date list)

Current students: Niels Bylois

Former students: Wim Martens, Dieter Van de Craen, Geert-Jan Bex, Wouter Gelade, Peter Boyen, Tom Ameloot (co-advised with Jan Van den Bussche), Jonny Daenen (co-advised with Jan Van den Bussche), Bas Ketsman, Brecht Vandevoort, Johannes Doleschal

Scientific awards: PODS best paper award (1998, 2014, 2015), WWW best paper award nominee (2008), IBM Belgium price for PhD thesis (2000)

I am actively working on the introduction of appropriate computer science education for all Flemish pupils from age 6 to 18. More information can be found in the publication by the Belgian Academy of science entitled Informatica wetenschappen in het leerplichtonderwijs.
Forum voor informaticawetenschappen
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Nacholing voor leerkrachten secundair onderwijs (progra-meer)
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